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École de cascade

With 37 years of experience, the Action Training Productions stunt school offers its students all the means so that they can learn and work in the best conditions.

High-level infrastructures, state-of-the-art equipment, specialized workers, every element is made available to guarantee perfect safety.

The pace of training allows students to learn their job as a stuntman, while continuing their studies or their professional activity.

The end of studies is sanctioned by an exam, which allows access to the professional stuntman diploma.


Action Training Productions is the only French stunt school authorized to issue this certification, recognized in France by the Ministry of Labor, but also recognized throughout Europe.  


During the training, Action Training Productions prepares and supports its students for their professional integration, in the cinema or any other field related to the artistic.

L'école de cascade

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Apprentis Cascadeurs : à l'école de la rigueur
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